Aplanner for Windows


The Database is located in an Internet Cloud or in your company SQL Server.


The solution is integrated with your web browser, Word and Excel. You may synchronize with Outlook, Lotus Notes or Google calendar.

Aplanner for Windows

Perform duty planning, project accounting, reporting an invoicing from your Windows desktop.


View planning information with your iPad or Smart Phone.

Aplanner for Web

Perform many planning tasks with your web browser.


Aplanner for Windows is a Windows application for creating and maintaining duty plans. Advanced report functions and integration with Microsoft Office makes it easy to use the duty plans in a broader context. The planning process is optimized through support for repetitive plans and templates.

Aplanner for Windows can be used to plan duties for one to several hundred employees. The distribution facilities and multi-user support allow our customers to grant access to plans in a controlled manor.

Main features:

  • Operates as single user application, as mulitiuser application with SQL Server or as Internet application (CLOUD Solution)
  • Planning in multiple dimensions (budget, forecast, actual)
  • Resource sharing amongst plans
  • Planning resolution down to 15 minutes
  • Complete flexibility to define new activities and duties
  • User defined colours and sort orders for employees, activities and duties
  • Export planning information to Excel, Word, and HTML
  • Many plan reports and views
  • Distribution of plans via Outlook Calendar or SMS
  • Support of resource qualifications and skills
  • Start and end dates for all employees and ressources
  • Advanced repetitive plans that take into account bank holidays and employee schedules
  • Multi-user access with advanced access control
  • Time and travel reporting
  • Costing of duty time and travel reporting
  • Invoicing of duty time and travel

Web Aplanner

Aplanner for Web is a Web solution that fully integrates with the Aplanner for Windows database. The solution runs under Microsoft Internet Information Server.

Main features:

  • Day- and Week planning functionality similar to Aplanner for Windows
  • A Web form for time reporting
  • A Web form for travel reporting (Km and travel cost)
  • Web forms for booking of duties


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