Long range Duty Planning in a Library

Work planning for a modern library is a complex process. Planning involves groups with various skills doing various tasks at various locations during a day. Duty plans are typically organized as roll plans.

Daily work planning in a Laboratory

The up to 100 employees in a central laboratory perform many different tasks during a day, e.g. collection samples and operating a large number of advanced analysis equipment. The tasks and staffing vary day by day. So the duty planning solution must be rubust and very easy to operate.

Duty Planning for a big Call Center

Work planning for a big call center team involves a duty planner that can manage many hundred employees day to day work with ever changing duties.

Duty Planning for a team with support outside normal working hours

Many companies and public institutions offer extended hour support. So they need a duty planning solution that is easy to operate and with advanced functionality to distribute plans to employees in the field.

Project planning for a Consultancy Company

For a consultancy company the following planning and execution elements are crucial: Forecast of consultancy hours, reporting of actual consultancy hours, invoicing of hours and travel cost. Aplanner for Windows and WebAplanner has such key functionality.


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